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Lost Horizons Series Vintage Photo Collages

Lost Horizons is a series of photo collages based on roadside images shot while traveling the backroads of the Mojave Desert between Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  Infinite vistas of sand and mountains.  Decaying ruins.  Miles of jurassic Joshua Tree forests.  Trains heading east and west so long they slide into infinity.  Desert life hides everywhere in plain site, gulping the scant moisture brought in with the cool nights, displaying a spurt of life and growth either side of the hot months.  The long summer days when life enters a state of suspended animation, coming alive at dusk and disappearing with the first hot rays of morning sunlight.

New Products

New Products in our gardenARt collection include giant wind chimes, shot metal outdoor wall lights, and an oversize garden buddhaBowl.


Making gardenArt challenges my imagination in regards to what is beautiful and what is ugly within the context of a garden setting. I utilize found organic materials, recycled decorative art, discarded satellite dishes, garden pots and other whimsey for my gardenArt assemblages; chollaBowls, alters, good luck charms, windchimes, shot metal wall and fence lights, and cactus lanterns.

Much of my personal inspiration is derived from the relationship I have with my home garden.  It is my daily go-to, a private experience with nature, and is doubly important when I can’t hit the desert roads for some exploring and pic taking.

I think of my garden as a personal laboratory where I can experiment with light, gardenArt, plants – and hone design and horticultural skills.  The garden is where I go to express creativity, sit in the sun, contemplate, meditate, exercise, and generally commune with nature.  Click for More Garden Image Galleries