Our Spring 2020 Online Catalog is now available. The lineup includes four issues in the Lost Horizons Series,  chollaBowls, gardenArt, Wall Hung dimensional assemblages, buddhabowls, and hanging Cactus Lanterns. Click the catalog cover on the left to view all of our products.

Left. Above.  Photo gallery shot on 4.3.2020 in the garden I share with my mate David.  As the photos show, we are not shy about placing pottery, kitch, artworks, and other objects ( like the assemblages Desert Decorative Arts produces) throughout our garden. 

The garden is an ongoing experiment in the use of different organic and synthetic mediums and materials that can harmonize or contrast with the plants and other natural organics that are found in a desert garden. 

Gardens are never natural, it’s about nature being seen within the parameters of a defined space and the interaction of the natural and synthesized elements present within that space.


“Kismet Lodge” 2019

Lost Horizons

is a series of limited edition photo collages, honoring the backroads of the Mojave, its towns, oddities, parks and preserves.  Shown above, “Kismet Lodge” is about the beauty and unabashed romanticism of abandonment and decay in the desert.   View The Series