Spiritual Icons "Coachella 3016"  2017

Spiritual Icons "Coachella 3016" 2017

New Works

Welcome to my digital portfolio. 

The photographic portfolios are a selection of unedited roadside photos, interior/exterior design projects, gardens, photoshopped abstracts and my art.  

Every once in a while nature hands me a gift and I catch some of  it’s beauty in a pic.  Those moments and the inspiration I get from them are what I try to share in my art.

Bill Wilson


I began experimenting with making various types of mixed media art in 2015 at my studio here in Palm Springs California.   I use clear resin epoxy, photographic prints, organic materials scavenged from the desert, glass, stone, found objects, thrift store tchotchkes, and decorative art made by others to create all kinds of assemblage sculptures; indoor and outdoor, floor, tabletop and wall hung.  

My work is separated into five series;  “Cholla Bowls”,  “Spiritual Icons”,  “Subway Tiles”,  “Garden Art”  and  “Lost Horizons”.    Learn More About Bill Wilson

Series Portfolios I - Art

Series Portfolios II - Design