Lost Horizons consists of 8 collages.  Each collage is issued in a quantity of 20 limited edition hand assembled, signed, and numbered studies.

The collages are based on roadside images I have taken traveling the backroads from Palm Springs to Vegas through 29 Palms, the Mojave Preserve, Amboy and Wonder Valley. 

Traveling these roads mid week is an adventure in solitude.  The long vistas of desert, miles of jurassic Joshua Tree forests, and trains that look 20 miles long, penetrating the desert floor like long needles weaving a path through the sand and rock, the sun glinting off their full metal jackets.

Desert life hiding everywhere in plain site, the scant moisture brought in with the cold nights of the fall and winter months, and the seasons…growth in spring and fall, everything in a state of suspension during the summer and cold winter months. 

Then there is the magnificent rich light of the fall, winter and spring dawns and sunsets, which combined with the smell and feel of the desert’s dry air, leave one feeling like they are in an infinity loop, where feelings of solitude in the vastness, old familiar things crumbling and resurrected, life in the midst of the desolate are all part of a great truth of life, everything is always in a state of arising and falling.


Kismet Lodge